An investment in a NAWBO membership provides a portfolio of benefits that propel business growth and fuel personal and professional development. We provide programs and resources representing women entrepreneurs from all industries in Arizona.

Change to Membership Dues Structure Takes Effect January 1st

Members Can Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Pre‑Pay at Current Rate

The upcoming change to our national member dues that will go into effect beginning on January 1, 2023. It’s been exciting to see how NAWBO continues to transform the lives and businesses of women business owners. We are constantly working to add value to the member experience, and remained committed to doing even more programs with less even during the past few difficult years. We are now in a position where we need to increase our national member dues in order for our organization to sustain and grow.

It has been 11 years since a national dues increase. It has been over six years since our last dues structure change. Specifically, in 2016, we standardized all chapter dues so that they would be consistent throughout the country. Previous to this, chapters dues were anywhere from $25 up to $250 per year. With this change, 15% of members saw lower chapter dues, while 60% saw just slightly higher and another 25% saw higher.

We also revised membership categories and introduced monthly payments. Plus, we added a small administration fee for credit card processing for members who chose the monthly payment option.

A lot of thought and consideration went into this dues increase and percentage split with chapters—to remain affordable for our women business owners of all sizes and backgrounds as well as to sustain our organization now and into the foreseeable future and allow us to do even more for our members.

The $10 per month (or $120 annual) increase is a small amount individually that will have a major impact organizationally. It will allow us to continue to invest in new programs, people and technologies and to diversify and grow our membership. This change will benefit our members and entire organization for years to come.

We are offering the opportunity for annual-paying members to pre-pay their 2023 dues at the current rate.

For those who pay monthly who want to take advantage of this opportunity to pre-pay, we will have a form available to fill out to make the switch to annual-paying.

We will have details on how this opportunity to pre-pay works in standalone upcoming e-blasts.

Thank you!


Annual Membership Drive


SAVE $25 off your new member initiation fee – Normally $100, only $75 during the membership drive.


$25 Reinstatement Fee Waived for any former NAWBO members who rejoin during the membership drive.

*The NAWBO Spring Membership Drive runs from March 1 – April 30.

Member Profile

Are you the right fit for our growing organization of women entrepreneurs?


Businesses owned by NAWBO® members are larger than the average women-owned businesses in terms of number of employees

The average length of time that NAWBO® members have owned their business.


The number of NAWBO® members int he professional, scientific and technical services sectors


NAWBO® members are well educated, with 39 percent holding post-graduate degrees.


75% of NAWBO® members are over the age of 45; and 25% are in the 35-44 age group.

25% of NAWBO® members make more than $1 million in the annual sales; and 34% make more than $500K.


Many NAWBO® members access capital through credit cards and personal family savings. 58% use credit cards and 37% utilize private and family savings to fund their business


NAWBO is a powerful resource for connecting and building long-term relationships with other women entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. Ours is a community of support, advice, recognition and celebration – with a 40-year history of excellence and progress.

NAWBO Phoenix is one of the most effective and affordable groups to join in the Valley. As a valued member your benefits include:

Exposure to world class speakers and monthly professional development workshops

Opportunities for leadership

A listing in the membership directory

Monthly luncheon discounts

Neighborhood NAWBO monthly meetings around the Valley

Networking mixers

Media opportunities

A world-class mentoring program and coaching program to grow your business

Stay informed on important public policy and business trends both locally and nationally

Build relationships with corporate partners and business owners/decision makers

Low cost and no cost marketing opportunities

Discounts from partner vendors nationally and locally

Option to pay monthly or annually


If you have already created a profile you need to login and then select the Become a Member link. If you need additional assistance please contact [email protected].

NAWBO Committees

Each member of the Board of Directors has a committee that she works with and depends on throughout the year. Below is a list of committees along with their volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to find a committee that fits you personally and contact us to get signed up.


Get creative and help the Director of Marketing to create the newsletter, directory, branding, e-communications and social media. Assists in the creation and distribution of press releases on NAWBO events. Works with the press to establish and continue secured relationships with NAWBO.

Community Alliances

Assists in developing relationships with organizations in the Phoenix area for growth of both organizations; represent NAWBO at community events, functions and trade shows.

Corporate Partners

This dynamic team assists in recruiting and retaining corporate partners.


Be a part of the team that creates the welcome meeting, happy hours, membership opportunities, guest tables and other fun programs. Help new members get acquainted with NAWBO. Be part of the welcoming team that sets the mood for our members and guests as they enter each event.

Mentoring Program

Be a part of this award-winning program by being a mentor or mentee (Sept-May).

NAWBO Knowledge Network

Passionate about education, training and growth? This team plans the educational workshops that are held prior to the monthly luncheon.

Neighborhood NAWBO

Establish and/or support a Neighborhood NAWBO – Small groups that meet around the valley.


Like to plan events? This committee secures the speakers and any special activities for each of the monthly luncheons.

Special Events

Assist in planning and executing the annual Red Affair luncheon, the annual Desert Diamonds Awards Gala and community service Projects.