What members are saying about NAWBO PHX.

“What I love most about NAWBO is that the energy that you get when you walk into the room of women, business owners and the connections

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 and the community that is built here. So I would encourage any woman business owner who is going at it alone to definitely join us and be part of our community.”

“NAWBO for me has been the catalyst to growth. I’ve gone from an administrative assistant to president and CEO of a nonprofit. I credit about

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80% of that growth with NAWBO understanding and my involvement here at NAWBO Phoenix. This tribe helped build a leader and it’s my job to reach down and help other leaders to grow just the same.”

“There’s a lot of things that you can expect from your involvement in NAWBO. And there’s even more that you don’t expect. The dear dear

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friendships that I have created and nurtured from people that I have met here. And you can expect people to really have your back. I mean, there’s several people I can just call up and say, “Hey, can I run this past you?” And they’re more than willing to listen and help me and help plan it out for whatever I need. So again, you can just really expect some fabulous professional women in this organization.”

“What would women business owners expect to gain from their involvement with NAWBO? Well, I think the primary thing is “authentic relationship”. When

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you come together and find out about the other person, what they do, how you can help each other, that’s going to build your business. And I believe that our networks are the most important asset we have as a small business.”

“Women business owners can expect to gain so many things from involvement with NAWBO, Phoenix, it’s more than just networking. It’s

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developing real relationships and exchanges of information that help you grow your business together because it truly is community over competition.”

“NAWBO is extremely meaningful to me and has helped my business in so many ways. We’ve been a member for a few years now, and I have gone

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through tremendous growth in my company, not just here in Arizona, but in four other States as well. And it is with the support of these women that I have been able to do that both from an emotional standpoint, which is really important, but also from a skill standpoint and helping me with the tools that I need to be successful in growing my company.”

“I think women business owners have a lot to expect and will have their needs met here at NAWBO. One of course, there’s networking with other

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people who can, which will lift you up instead of putting you down. And then you get a lot of very valuable information that you can apply to your business. What I like about novel Phoenix is very practical. You get practical suggestions.”